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Prenatal Massage

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75 min | $120
60 min | $110
45 min | $95
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Prenatal Massage

At no time does a body accomplish so much as it does during pregnancy! Growing a beautiful human being is an honour-but it also puts tremendous strain on the body. During pregnancy, fatigue, swollen joints and tissues, and sore muscles are common—prenatal massage works to give the body every advantage during each trimester. This treatment is performed in a side-lying body positioning with various pillows specifically positioned for support, pressure modifications, and other considerations to ensure the safety and comfort of baby and mother. Communicate with your massage therapist to tailor your treatment to your liking!

  • improves circulation and reduces the swelling commonly experienced in the feet, legs, and hands during pregnancy
  • eases back pain that is commonly experienced in the low back, hips, and relieves the tension around the Sciatic nerve
  • eases shoulder and neck tension
  • reduces stress
  • improves quality of sleep

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