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Integrity Massage Therapy Massage + Cupping Therapy ($5)

Massage + Cupping Therapy ($5)

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90 min | $155
75 min | $135
60 min | $115
45 min | $100
30 min | $80
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Massage + Cupping Therapy

This involves any of the massage styles with cupping therapy incorporated into the massage. Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin - stationary or gliding - to create suction (think a vacuum). This suction loosens adhesions, lifts up connective tissue, and draws blood stagnation to the body’s surface. Cupping can also be used as a mini-diagnostic tool of what is happening in the body we often otherwise wouldn’t be able to determine. 

For instance, the darker/more purple colouration of the marks (although they are not, often appearing as “bruises”) simply indicates there is more blood stagnation happening in that particular area. Stagnated blood is essentially useless to the body; creating more aches, discomfort, restrictions, and issues. Cupping breaks up the stagnation, allowing new fresh blood to freely circulate, which promotes the flow of energy in the body and facilitates healing. There are various colours with different meanings associated with cupping, and our massage therapists can use it as a road map to what your individual body is saying - freely ask and talk to your massage therapist more about this!

  • helps relieve headaches and migraines
  • aids immune system function problems
  • lung congestion issues (history of pneumonia and/or bronchitis)
  • relieves arthritis
  • reduces back and neck pain
  • aids healing areas of previous injuries

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