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Integrity Massage Therapy Massage + Muscle Balm ($5)

Massage + Muscle Balm ($5)

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90 min | $155
75 min | $135
60 min | $115
45 min | $100
30 min | $80
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Massage + Muscle Balm

This involves any of the massage styles (exception of Prenatal) with Motion Medicine™ incorporated into the massage. Similar to a “tiger balm”, this add-on is particularly recommended in conjunction with the Deep Tissue and/or Sports Massage.

Motion Medicine™ is a topical analgesic cream used to ease pain and improve movement. It can be effective for joint and muscle pain and is particularly helpful in aiding relief from muscle discomfort after deeper/more intense style massage.

  • provides relief from pain
  • relieves arthritis
  • decreases joint and muscle stiffness
  • aids with backaches
  • reduces inflammation

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